Celtic Wind, CBD Oil 10% 10ml


Our 10% Oil is our super strength Oil and ideal if youre already confident with CBD and are wanting to try our highest strength. Our 10% Oil is made from 100% Whole-hemp plant seed Oil with nothing added or taken away and is specifically chosen for its high CBD content. Just like our other Oils, youll also get the abundance of naturally occurring nutrients.


If you are thinking about stepping up your CBD intake, then our maximum strength 10% Oil is a great choice.



Directions & Dosage : 

1 dropper a day

As with any supplement, consistency is key for success

There is approximately 70mg CBD per dropper (dropper = 0.7ml)

Shake well before use as this is a natural product and will settle in between each use

Dropper use: remove dropper from the bottle. Squeeze the rubber end to remove any residual Oil (do this while its removed from the bottle). Keep the rubber end squeezed together while placing the dropper back into the Oil, then release. This will give you 0.7ml Oil

Store in a cool dry place

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts : 

100% Whole-hemp plant Oil

A super strength CBD Oil

Contains CBD, CBDA, CBG , CBGA , CBC and over 150 compounds including essential amino acids, omega 6, 9, flavonoids, polyphenols and terpenes

All natural - no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides

Gluten-free, vegan-friendly and non-GMO


We practice seed-to-shelf and all our bottles are batch-coded so they are fully traceable. It means we know the very field and hemp crop your product came from

CBD is short for cannabidiol and it is non-psychoactive

Food supplement notified to the FSAI

All our Oils are packaged in high quality Miron Voilet glass bottles, which protect the product from light damage

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