My Expert Midwife, Peri Prep Your Bits Perineal Massage Oil 30ml


My Expert Midwife Peri Prep Your Bits 30ml Perineal Massage Oil

Midwife developed, Mum approved, the My Expert Midwife’s award winning range provides effective solutions to common pregnancy, birth, new mum and newborn issues, to help you feel like you again.

Peri Prep Your Bits is a perineal massage oil that is safe to use in pregnancy to prepare for your baby’s birth and is ideal for encouraging the skin around your perineum to stretch more easily during childbirth. Containing a unique blend of natural and essentials oils to help nourish, protect and promote skin elasticity
Perineal massage from 34 weeks has been clinically proven to help stretch the perineum and make it more elastic, therefore reducing the risk of tearing or the need for an episiotomy, and help to improve the chances of recovering sooner after birth.

Key Features

  • Includes lavender oil to promote healing, avocado oil to protect, sweet almond oil to nourish and moisturise
  • Has a controlled-flow bottle, so no mess or wastage.
  • Designed to be used to massage external skin before, during and after pregnancy
  • A little goes a long way!


Directions & Dosage :
Not sure how to do it a perineal massage? Check out our step-by-step guide below
This product is safe for use throughout pregnancy, but ideally we recommend perineal massage 2-3 times per week from 34 weeks of pregnancy
Can also be used as a body massage oil
For external use only
Once opened, Peri Prep Your Bits can be used for 24 months.

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How to do perineal massage
You would normally start perineal massage between weeks 34 to 36. You need to do it at least three times per week and for around three to five minutes at a time. Here’s how to do it:
First of all, find a perineal massage oil, such as My Expert Midwife’s Peri Prep Your Bits
Wash your hands
Sit comfortably, bring your knees together and towards your chest and then open your knees like a book
Using your thumbs, insert them into your vagina and then place your forefingers on the skin of your perineum. You now need to stretch this skin gently by moving your fingers from the middle of your vagina outwards, it shouldn't hurt so if you feel a burning sensation you've stretched too far
Massage upwards as you gently stretch the skin and repeat for around three to five minutes and do this at least three times per week
As your pregnancy progresses you may find it helpful and also beneficial to ask your partner to help with this massage.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts :
Perineal massage oil contains:

Sweet almond oil to nourish and moisturise your skin
Avocado oil with Omega 9 for promoting and protecting skin integrity and health
Lavender oil to help reduce pain and promote healing and regeneration
Eucalyptus leaf oil for increasing blood supply to the area
Grapeseed oil with Vitamin E to help prevent cell damage

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