My Expert Midwife, Spritz for Bits Perineal Spray 150ml


Midwife developed, Mum approved, the My Expert Midwife’s award winning range provides effective solutions to common pregnancy, birth, new mum and newborn issues, to help you feel like you again.
Chances are you’ll be quite sore after childbirth because of stretching, bruising and swelling of the area around your vulva and perineum, even if you don’t have a tear or episiotomy. Spritz for Bits contains natural essential oils which can soothe discomfort after childbirth.

Key Features
Includes lavender to soothe, tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties, witch hazel to promote healing
Feels pleasantly cool and soothes soreness
No-mess dispenser even sprays upside-down

Directions & Dosage :
Use any time from birth onwards
Spray on the perineal area
Alternatively, spray onto a tissue and wipe the area, or spray onto a clean maternity pad

Can be used for C section scars but not on an open wound
For extra relief, keep it in the fridge or pour a little into your bath

Re-apply whenever you feel the need
For external use only
Once opened, Spritz for Bits can be used for 24 months.

Add Spritz for Bits to your hospital bag checklist or buy as a baby shower gift.
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Ingredients & Nutrition Facts :
Soothing perineal spray can be used from birth. It contains:

Lavender oil for soothing pain relief
Tea tree oil for antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
Vitamin E for encouraging skin health and elasticity
Witch hazel to promote healing
Denatured alcohol for its antimicrobial properties
Parfum a vegetable based product, known for its antibacterial and anti fungal properties (not to be confused with synthetic fragrance, 'perfume')
Hydrogenated castor oil

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