Nuzest, Kid's Good Stuff Multinutrient Rich Chocolate Smoothie Mix (10x15g) Sachet Box



Kids Good Stuff is a great way to help your kids get all the nutrients they need to keep them happy and healthy from the inside out. Made from real fruit and veg, with protein, calcium, probiotics and more, it's the all-in-one nutritional support their growing bodies need. Plus, there's absolutely zero bad stuff! It's quick, easy, healthy and delicious ....YUM! 

Kids Good Stuff is designed specifically with children's needs in mind. It's packed full of vitamins and minerals, plus other great stuff that you won't get from capsules or gummy vitamins. It has all the elements to set your kid up for a good day and a great start in life. 

  • Made from real food including 11 different fruit and veg
  • Vitamin and mineral boost helps to fill any nutritional gaps in their diet 
  • Good for everyone for all ages from 4 and up 
  • For happier insides with pre- and probiotics 
  • Supports healthy bones with 200mg calcium per serve 
  • Aids growth and development with 8g of plant-based protein per serve 
  • Nurtures learning and focus through brain-supportive nutrients 
  • Provides long-lasting energy to help them live, learn, grow and play

Low Sugar Vegan Gluten free Dairy Free Nut Free Non-GMO


Does Kids Good Stuff contain gluten/dairy/soy/peanuts/eggs/GMOs?
No - Kids Good Stuff is free from all common allergens, making it suitable for most children aged 4 to 14.

Does Kids Good Stuff replace a multi-vitamin?
Yes - Kids Good Stuff is designed to provide complete nutritional support for growing bodies and minds. Kids Good Stuff is more than just a multivitamin - it also contains minerals, pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, veggies, berries and greens.

What age group is Kids Good Stuff suitable for?
Kids Good Stuff has been developed to help meet the nutritional requirements of children aged 4 and above.

Does Kids Good Stuff contain sugar or artificial sweeteners?
Kids Good Stuff contains no added sugar and is extremely low in naturally occurring sugars. One serve of Kids Good Stuff has about 1g of sugar. The product is sweetened using the natural sweetener Stevia."

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