My Expert Midwife, Keep Your Cool Cooling Leg Spray 150ml


Midwife developed, mum approved, the My Expert Midwife's award winning range provides effective solutions to common pregnancy, birth, new mum and newborn issues, to help you feel like you again.

Gives a cooling sensation, reviving your skin in a refreshing spray.

Feeling hot and uncomfortable is a common symptom during pregnancy. Your body works hard during pregnancy and produces different hormones. As a result your body temperature can rise and you may feel hotter and more uncomfortable.

This fine mist is developed by midwives to cool and soothe swollen legs and ankles, and is also suitable for other parts of the body. Made with a blend of pure essential oils - peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils to cool, aloe to soothe, and black pepper and sweet orange oils helps to ease puffiness, helping you feel like you again.

• Cooling and soothing
• Perfect for restless, tired and achy legs
• A no mess spray that sprays in any direction, even upside down
• Safe to use in pregnancy from the first trimester
• Made from 95% naturally derived ingredients
• Suitable for vegans

Directions & Dosage :
Spray directly onto skin for a cooling sensation, no need to massage in. You can spray this anywhere on the skin, even with the bottle upside down. Use as often as required

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts :
A cooling mist that includes:
Sweet Orange - known for its relaxing properties
Black Pepper
Peppermint to cool

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